PetSafe, Staywell, Aluminium Pet Door, Medium, Solid Design, Easy Install

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Aluminium framed pet door with flexible flap. Magnetic flap closure and side strips form a weather resistant seal. Closing panel included for improved weather performance or to limit your pets movements through the door. Size guide: Small – Pets up to 7kg, frame dimensions 298mm x 200mm x 61mm, flap opening 136mm x 207mm, cut out size 150mm x 245mm, max shoulder width 136mm. Medium – Pets up to 18kg, frame dimensions 400mm x 275mm x 59mm, flap opening 209mm x 311mm, cut out size 225mm x 348mm, max shoulder width 209mm.


  • SOLID DESIGN – constructed with a sturdy Aluminium frame and featuring a hard wearing, Flexible Flap, the Aluminium Pet Door is ideal for homes with multiple Pets and can withstand even the most energetic of pets
  • EASY FITTING -The provided Cutting Template and flexible plastic screws provide a flush and precise finish through Wood, PVC, Metal and Brick.
  • MANUAL LOCKING – Allowing owners to control the movements of their Pets, the Aluminium Pet Door features a sliding Closing Panel, allowing you to keep Pets inside and harsh weather out
  • WEATHER AND DRAFT PROTECTION – The magnetic flap closure, pile weather stripping and the slide-in closing panel reduce drafts and weather exposure.
  • WARRANTY – The PetSafe Staywell Aluminium Pet Door includes a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
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