PawHut 48-Inch Large Wooden Pet Rabbit Hutch and Run Hutches Cage Guinea Pig Ferret House Home Double Decker

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This pet cage is a fantastic unit to keep your pets in, perfect area for rabbit, hamster and other outdoor animals. This is a great home for animals to be secure and away for the weather elements. It looks great and has a practical use, made with pine and fir wood to give great rigidity and strength. It has a great design with secure doors and a run to keep you pet fit and healthy. You can also leave the doors open so that your pet can roam free in the garden or field so they can explore their surroundings. Together with all these features there is also a tray under the main housing for easy cleaning so maintenance is kept to a minimum and easy to do. This is a perfect solution for you and a great home for you pets.


Attractive design, solid construction.
Front opening doors, open run.
High quality and non-rust wire mesh.
Pine framework,Chinese fir board.
The wood is durable, resistant to insects, wood worm and rotting.
A closed off ladder to keep pets up high safely.
Rounded edging for safety.
With water and fire proof drawer.
Outdoor environmental water paint processing on surface.
Green waterproof felt on its top.
Easy to build up.


Brand new in good condition
Colour: Sauce yellow
Material: Pine framework, Chinese fir board, plastic coating metal wire
Overall dimension: 122cm(L) x 48cm(W) x 100cm(H)
Main frame wooden board size: 3.8cm x 2.0cm
Net weight:17kg
Gross weight:19kg
Custom label: D51-009


  • ✅Made from anti-fungal treated pine and fir wood, it creates a strong long lasting home for your rabbits.
  • ✅Finished with non-toxic paint for weather protection.
  • ✅It has a sheltered sleep compartment on top with an equal sized under run below, which has 2 wire sides & a wooden back.
  • ✅Double Tier. Slideout Tray for Easy Cleaning & Large Opening Locking Run Door.
  • ✅Dimensions: 122L x 48W x 100Hcm.
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